Making the bottom of the can

The round shape of the container is formed. Next task is making the bottom for the can. This takes a number of steps. First, the lower edge of the body is trimmed evenly using a clips. Then about 0.3 cm at the bottom of the lower edge is turned outwards at right angles.  This forms a small projecting rim or flange need to attach the bottom of the can to the body.

Trimming the bottom of the can

In the next step is to cut a disc of tin to form the bottom of the can.  The tinsmith uses the body of the can to measure for the disc.  He cuts a disc about 0.3 cm wider than the projecting rim of the body. 

The tinsmith now attaches the disc-bottom to the body-of-the-can.  First, he creates a right-angled edge on the disc. This is then tacked onto the projecting rim of body of the can. The tinsmith then firmly beats the down projecting rim or edge with a cutter (also known as a file). He then turns the edge upwards against the body of the can first using the scutcher and then the face of the hammer.

Edge of bottom being "left down with cutter".