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Anti-Treaty IRA – the ‘Irregulars’

The Treaty was approved by the Dáil, but its terms split the IRA membership. Supporters joined the Irish Free State Army, while those who believed the terms were unacceptable became known as Irregulars. Men and women who had previously fought together were now on opposing sides.

HE:EW.5879: Colt revolver used by Anti-Treaty IRA member Maurice Walsh of Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry, to break out of prison during the Civil War.

HE:1998.174: Revolver of Harry Boland, who opposed the Treaty and was fatally shot during his arrest by Irish Free State forces in August 1922.

HE:EW.637: Coffin plate of Séan Larkin of the Drumboe Martyrs, executed by the Irish Free State, Donegal, 1923.

HE:EW.4058: Anti-Treaty leaflet.


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