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Battle of Dublin - O’Connell Street

Battle continued on the streets of Dublin, particularly around the O’Connell Street hotels, after the surrender of the Four Courts. Free State forces bombed the buildings; most IRA evacuated and escaped, leaving behind a small number of men who later surrendered on 5th July. Both sides suffered heavy casualties, and there was a high number of civilian deaths.


HE:EWL.389: Death mask of Cathal Brugha, who died of his wounds, 7thJuly 1922.

HE:EW.1581: Bullets found on Cathal Brugha’s person after his death.

HE:EW.4728: Bowl from the Hammam Hotel, O’Connell Street, which was held by a group of Anti-Treat IRA led by Cathal Brugha.

HE:EWT.463: Anti-Treaty leaflet.




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