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Bitter Divisions

In a Civil War, friendship means nothing…

In 1922 Rory O’Connor, was the best man at the wedding of Kevin O’Higgins, his close friend and comrade. Less than a year later, O’Higgins gave his approval to the execution of the imprisoned O’Connor, sending his friend to the firing squad, because he believed it was necessary to secure the future of Ireland'.

Image 1: The explosion at the Four Courts, 30 June 1922

Image 2: Wedding of Kevin O’Higgins

HA:2000.676: This high explosive shell is of the type used by the British forces against the rebels to quell the 1916 Rising. This large artillery gun type was later used by the Irish Free State Forces to shell their ex-comrades in the Four Courts in 1922. Artillery shell for Quick Firing 18pdr Artillery Gun, MKIV/L.


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