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Lost Leaders - Liam Lynch

1892 - 1923

During the War of Independence Liam Lynch made his mark as a well-respected IRA leader. One of the most important opponents of the Treaty, he persuaded the majority of the IRA to join him. Nevertheless as the Civil War approached he did his utmost to avoid the conflict, but when it came he accepted the post of Chief of Staff of the anti-Treaty IRA. A skilled and determined fighter, he was one of the last casualties of the Civil War.
The Knockmealdowns Mountains, April 10th, 1923
Liam Lynch was on the run, wearing this uniform and carrying a rifle, when he was shot at long range by Free State soldiers. He told his comrades to save themselves, and leave him to be captured by his pursuers. Lynch’s wound was grave — you can see that his waistcoat was soaked with blood. It took some time to get him down the mountain, and despite receiving medical attention he died later that day.

NMIHE:EWL.234: Uniform worn by Liam Lynch when he was killed.


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