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Which side would you choose?

If you were against the Treaty, here’s how you might feel: You have been betrayed by the men you believed in and followed. They now have revealed themselves to be opportunists, who have lost the vision of a strong united Ireland in the day-to-day political manoeuvring at the Dáil and in London. They are tainted by their compromise, and will stop at nothing to ensure their flawed approach is the one that is imposed on everyone, even those who disagree with them.

If you were in favour of the Treaty, here’s how you might feel: The hard-liners are risking everything achieved over the last decade in an unrealistic attempt to get Irish independence all at once. There is no guarantee that the IRA can defeat the British, the nation is tired of war and conflict, and this opportunity may not come again soon. IRA fighters must consider not only their own feelings, but the likelihood of far more bloodshed taking place, and losing a continued war with Britain if the Treaty is rejected.

HE:EW.4058: Anti-Treaty leaflet

HE:EW.1990: Anti-Treaty leaflet

HE:EW.5182: Pro-Treaty leaflet

HE:EW.5315: Pro-Treaty leaflet


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