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Raids and Reprisals - The British Forces

Airplane propeller, Kilfinane, Limerick, February 1921

Airplane propeller, Kilfinane, Limerick, February 1921

This propeller was taken from a British aircraft which landed at Bosnetstown, Kilfinane, and was captured and destroyed by the East Limerick Flying Column on 9th February 1921.  Flying Officer Andrew Mackay was taken prisoner by the Column. Two days later the British forces sent 20 airplanes over the town, throwing leaflets onto the area with ‘Warning – If Flying Officer Mackay is not returned safely within 48 hours official reprisals will be taken’. When informed of this the men of the Column stated that if the town was burned Mackay would be killed. Large forces of military were drafted in, raiding houses and terrorising the people of the town.  On the morning of the 12th the shopkeepers of the town were officially notified that their premises were to be destroyed - one house, that of the Clancy family - had already been burned. As British forces arrived to destroy the town the parish priest, Canon Lee, negotiated Mackay’s release and averted the destruction of the area.



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