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Luger pistol, Seán Hogan / Dan Breen

Luger pistol, Seán Hogan / Dan Breen

This 1915 model Luger pistol was gifted to Seán Hogan from Dan Breen in 1923, some months after the Civil War. It is inscribed “To my Comrade in Arms / Sean Hogan / 25th December 1923 / D. Breen” on the side plate. This pistol would have been used in ambushes and activity through the War of Independence and Civil War.
Dan Breen and Seán Hogan were part of the party of Volunteers of the 3rd Tipperary Brigade who carried out the ambush at Soloheadbeg, Co Tipperary, on 21st January 1919. This is regarded as the first action of the War of Independence. It unintentionally coincided with the day the Sinn Féin elected representatives met in Dublin and established the First Dáil, declaring independence from Great Britain. However, the 3rd Tipperary Brigade acted alone and without the knowledge of either Volunteer leadership or the new government. The aim of the ambush was to intercept a consignment of explosives, and it resulted in the deaths of two Royal Irish Constabulary officers – Patrick O’Connell and James McDonnell. This action prompted the British authorities to bring the Tipperary region under military control. The Munster region was to pay a dominant role in the War of Independence.


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