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Irish Republic Flag

This is an 'Irish Republic' flag that was flown over the G.P.O. in 1916.

It is of green poplin cloth with the letters IRISH REPUBLIC painted in white and gold on both sides. A large segment is torn off one side, leaving the lettering incomplete. 

This flag flew from the Princes Street corner of the G.P.O. from Easter Monday until after the surrender, when it was taken as a regimental trophy by the Royal Irish Regiment. It entered the Royal Collection of King George V of England, and was returned to Ireland in 1966 by the Imperial War Museum for the 50th Anniversary of the Easter Rising

This green flag with the words IRISH REPUBLIC painted on both sides was hoisted by the rebels over the General Post Office in Dublin on Easter Monday, 24th April. The rebels hoisted several flags across the city during Easter Week, including the Irish tricolour, a green flag with a gold harp, and the 'Starry Plough' Flag of the Irish Citizen Army.


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