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Latin cross


Donated by the Irish Folklore Commission (IFC). Presented by Pádraig Ó Fiannachta, National School Teacher, Kells, Co. Kerry. Made by Liam Siúbhlóid (William Walker), a pupil of Kells National School, under the instruction of his uncle, Liam Ó Miónséil (William Maunsel), age 80, both natives of Kells. Ó Fiannachta noted that “This type of cross was worn in the district in the old days. It was worn on the lapel of the coat. Originally, the green colour was obtained from the penny leaf, the red from human blood drawn from the finger, the blue from heather, and the yellow from onion skin.”

Provenance: Kells, Co. Kerry
Material: Cloth, cardboard and ribbon


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