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Woman’s Way, January 1967

Irish women looked to advice literature to help them organise their lives and households. Books and magazines provides tips and hints for the progressive, or just worried, woman. Female role models included fashion models and celebrity chefs, who often endorsed the electrical lifestyle.

Listen to Mary Scanlon and talking about buying women’s magazines:
Mary Scanlon interviewed by Eleanor Calnan in An Grianan, County Louth, April 2018


British books and magazines such as Frankly Feminine and Woman’s Illustrated were joined in the 1960s by Irish magazines such as Woman’s Way. These magazines presented both domestic and personal advice, as well as guides on which electrical appliances to purchase and recipes making use of electric cookers and refrigerators. They were also read for their stories and craft patterns, and were often loaned amongst groups of friends.

Listen to Bridie McGinty talk about reading Women’s Illustrated as a girl in Kerry:
Bridie McGinty interviewed by Maura O’Reilly in Castlebar, County Mayo, December 2016


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