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Post Medieval

A wide range of Post Medieval excavated finds have been added to the collections in recent years, particularly finds from urban archaeological excavations.

The range includes pottery and glass vessels and containers; coins, tokens and metal objects such as tools; personal items such as clay pipes and wig curlers; and domestic items such as knives, spoons and other kitchen utensils.

Weapons include swords, daggers, bayonets, pikeheads and firearms, mostly from excavated or underwater contexts. Maritime finds include anchors, cannon, and a range of material from shipwrecks, including a powder scoop, candle stick, decorative finials and mounts, musket stand, pottery, metal vessels and bells. Part of the decorative metal sheathing from the bow of the Lusitania is also included in the collection.

Military objects include musket balls, cannon balls, mortar bombs, buttons, cap badges, belts and insignia. Some of the items were associated with military encampments and barracks, however the collection contains important material associated with battlefields of the Williamite war such as Ballymore, Aughrim, the Boyne and Athlone.

There are also a number of costumes, shoes and hats from bogs. Examples include a man’s coat, cloak, trews and shoes from Killerry, Co. Sligo and a woman’s costume from Shinrone, Co. Offaly. A wooden carving of a man wearing a high conical hat found in a bog at Letterfrack, Co. Galway may also be of Post Medieval date.

Carved stone objects include stoups, tomb fragments and stones with commemorative dedications, as well as quern stones.

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