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Female wolf, Canada, taxidermy by Bouten en Zoon, Netherlands. NMINH:2005.70.1

Mammals may be preserved as bones, assembled skeletons, skins, mounted skins (‘stuffed’) or in alcohol. Specimens are individually documented and databases are available to allow staff to answer any queries.

Online Resources


  • Ireland’s mammals, Juanita Browne, 2005, Browne Books, Co. Kildare
  • Exploring Irish mammals, Tom Hayden and Rory Harrington, 2000, TownHouse, Dublin.

Publications on mammal collections

  • Monaghan, N.T. 2021. The two suspended whale skeletons in the National Museum of Ireland. Irish Naturalists’ Journal 37: 142-150.
  • O'Riordan, C.E. 1980. Extinct terrestrial mammals of Ireland in the National Museum. National Museum of Ireland, Dublin.
  • Scharff, R.F. 1922. Guide to the collection of Irish animals. National Museum of Ireland, Dublin.

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