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Irish Folklife Division Publications

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Doyle, Clodagh ‘Níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin: the traditional fireside of our parents and grandparents’ Farming & country life 1916 : history talks presented at Teagasc Athenry, 10th and 11th June 2016.
Teagasc, Carlow 2016   225-231
Doyle, Clodagh ‘Hair hurling balls: review, research and scientific investigations’ Folk Life   2016 54 3-31
Doyle, Clodagh ‘Hair of the Bog’ Archaeology Ireland Dublin 2017 Vol.31, no.3 20-24
Lucas, A.T. ‘Cattle in ancient and medieval Irish Society’ O’Connell School Union Record Dublin 1958   75-85
Lucas, A.T. ‘Furze, a survey and history of its uses in Ireland’ Béaloideas      26 1-203
Lucas, A.T. ‘Irish foods before the potato’ Gwerin   1960 Vol.3, no.2 8-43
Lucas, A.T. ‘Penal Crosses’ Louth Archaeological Journal   1954(55) Vol.13, no.2 145-174
Lucas, A.T. ‘Wattle and straw mat doors in Ireland’ Studia Ethnographia Upsaliensia   1956 11 16-35
MacPhilib, Séamas in
Mitchell, F. (ed.)
‘Folk Tradition and the Rural Environment’ The Book of the Irish Countryside Town House/Blackstaff Press, Belfast 1987   262-268
MacPhilib, Séamas  ‘Rush Rafts in Ireland’ Ulster Folklife   2000 46 1-8
MacPhilib, Séamas  ‘Traditional Fishing Boats of the River Boyne Estuary’ Ulster Folklife   2002 48 87-93
MacPhilib, Séamas  ‘Relics of Water World: boat and fishery collections in the National Museum of Ireland – Country Life’ The Future of Maritime and Inland Waterways Collections Heritage Council, Kilkenny 2007   25-28
MacPhilib, Séamas  Come Back to Erin. The Irish Travel Poster Collection in the National Museum of Ireland   Castlebar 2007    
MacPhilib, Séamas in
Mac Cárthaigh, C. (ed.)
‘Traditional Fishing Boats of the River Boyne Estuary’ Traditional Boats of Ireland Collins Press, Dublin 2008   411-414
MacPhilib, Séamas in
Mac Cárthaigh, C. (ed.)
‘Bundle Rafts in Ireland’ Traditional Boats of Ireland Collins Press, Dublin 2008   599-603
O’Dowd, Anne in
Korff, Anne et al (eds.)
‘Resources of Life: Aspects of Working and Fishing on the Aran Islands’ Book of Aran Tír Eolas, Kinvara 1994   194-220
O’Dowd, Anne   Meitheal: A Study of Co-operative Labour in Rural Ireland Comhairle Bhéaloideas Éireann 1981    
O’Dowd, Anne   Spalpeens and tattie hokers
history and folklore of the Irish migratory agricultural worker in Ireland and Britain
Irish Academic Press 1990    
O’Dowd, Anne   Common Clothes and Clothing: 1860-1930 National Museum of Ireland, Dublin 1990    
O’Dowd, Anne ‘There’s a time for all things’ Sinsear: The Folklore Journal Dublin 2005   132-146
O’Dowd, Anne
in Ó Siocháin, S., Garvey, P. and Drazin, A., (eds.)
‘Bygones and Relics and Museum Acquisitions
Some thoughts on the Irish Folklife Collection, National Museum of Ireland’
Exhibit Ireland: ethnographic collections in Irish museums Wordwell, Dublin 2012    
O’Dowd, Anne   Straw, Hay and Rushes in Irish Folk Tradition Irish Academic Press, Kildare 2015    

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