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Our Team

Emer, Drilling, CRC

Judith Finlay- Registrar

Role and Areas of Expertise: Judith is Registrar, Head of the Registration Department and Keeper/Manager of the Collections Resource Centre. She is responsible for management of the whole department which includes Documentation, Archives, Library, Loans, Collections logistics, store management, the Collections Resource Centre, as well as the administration and development of the Museum’s Collections Management database and related digitisation and online projects. Judith was also responsible for the digital aspects of the Rainbow Revolution, an introduction to Irish LGBTI+ history produced in collaboration with key LGBTI+ historians and archivists. LGBTI+ history and culture is her area of expertise, as is repatriation, collections management, heritage protection and art history.

Eimear Ashe: Documentation Officer (Natural History)

Role and Areas of Expertise: Eimear is responsible for collections information in the Natural History Division. This work encompasses management of databases, loans, stores, and collection moves.

Emma Crosbie: Documentation Assistant

Role and Areas of Expertise: Emma has worked as a Documentation assistant in the Registration Department for 18 years. She has worked on the documentation of many collections over the years and particular favourites include Ethnography and Textiles. She works on AdLib database a lot and knows it very well at this stage.

Fran Devoy: Clerical Officer (Finance)

Role and Areas of Expertise: Fran has work in the Museum, initially as a member of the Finance Team and transferred to Registration in 2009. Her primary role is to provide financial and procurement support to the Registration Department.

Dr. Órla Fitzatrick: Librarian

Role and Areas of Expertise: Orla is responsible for the library collections held by the National Museum of Ireland. She has a qualification in Library and Information Science and an academic background in design and photographic history. 

Paul Fowley: Clerical Officer (Facilities)

Role and Areas of Expertise: Paul is responsible for the facilities and maintenance of the Collections Resource Centre, Swords. This work includes the purchase orders for the supplies necessary for the efficient operation of the facility.

Joanne Hamilton: Documentation Officer (Country Life)

Role and Areas of Expertise: Joanne’s role is to oversee the care and management of the Irish Folklife Collection. Joanne’s areas of interest is database management, collection care through preventative conservation and collections access.

Kate Moriarty: Documentation Assistant

Role and Areas of Expertise: Kate organises loans in and out of the NMI.  Also works on location control as well as data entry in the Museum’s Collections Database and supervises researchers in the CRC in Swords.

Emer Ní Cheallaigh: Archivist & Records Manager

Role and Areas of Expertise: Employed as Archivist / Records Manager, Emer has an interest in information management, governance and compliance, archival appraisal and preservation in museums, oral history and community archives.

Sylviane Vaucheret: Documentation Officer (Irish Antiquities)

Role and Areas of Expertise: Sylviane has responsibility to process and manage the information accompanying the objects in the care of the Irish Antiquities Division, including overseeing all movements of objects, arranging loans and developing the databases used to catalogue the Irish Antiquities collections.

Ann Vaughan: Executive Officer (Digitisation)

Role and Areas of Expertise: Ann came to the Museum from the Department of the Taoiseach and was originally a member of the Administration Division. She transferred to Registration and began working with the Archivist on the digitisation of Museum archives. 

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