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Online Lecture: Things of the Early Medieval Teaglach - Exploring the material possessions of early Irish households

Reconstruction of an Early Medieval dwelling, from the UCD Centre for Experiment Archaeology and Material Culture

Early Medieval Ireland is known for some of the finest metalworking objects of Irish archaeology, including the Ardagh Chalice, and the ‘Tara’ Brooch, but what do we know about the everyday objects made and used by people at this time? This talk, by Prof. Aidan O’Sullivan from the School of Archaeology and University College Dublin, will tack between archaeology, early Irish history, and experimental archaeology, to think about the things that people would have used inside and around their houses in early medieval Ireland, with a focus on rural Ireland in the 7th/8th centuries AD.
Prof. Aidan O’Sullivan is the Head of the UCD School of Archaeology, and has been a lecturer at UCD since 2000. Part of his role at UCD includes his position as co-director, with Dr. Brendan O’Neill, of the UCD’s Centre for Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture. He is the author and editor of many books, including Early Medieval Ireland, AD 400-1100: the evidence from archaeological excavations.

This online lecture was pre-recorded and broadcasted as a live event on Wednesday 5th April, 2023, at 1pm.

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