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Colouring Sheets: St. Colmcille and his Relics

Download and print out colouring sheets of St. Colmcille's Relics to design and decorate your own shrine at home. 

Download and print out these colouring sheets of St. Colmcille's relics, the Shrine of the Cathach and St. Colmcille's Crozier. The Shrine of the Cathach is a book shrine that was made in the 11th century to keep safe a book, called the Cathach, believed to have been written by St. Colmcille in the 7th century. Only a piece of St. Colmcille's Crozier survives today. This was created in the 8th or 9th century and it would have been a complete crozier. A crozier is used by a bishop as a symbol of their position.

When you have completed your colouring sheets, why not send us a picture to or post a photo online through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #MuseumAtHome.

This activity is designed for children aged 7-12 years old and is curriculum linked to the SESE History Curriculum. This can be completed at home, as a family activity, or used by Primary school teachers and students.

Colouring Sheet - St. Colmcille's Cathach
Decorate - St. Colmcille's Cathach
Colouring Sheet - St. Colmcille's Crozier

If you would like to find out more about St. Colmcille, you can visit the new exhibition Colmcille: Sacred Objects of a Saint - 1500 years of devotion at the National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology, where each of these relics are on display. 

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