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Virtual Session: Leaving Certificate Art History

You and your Leaving Cert Art Students can join Museum educators for a live online virtual session broadcast direct to your classroom.

This online virtual session will examine key artefacts from the Museum's collection that are part of the Leaving Certificate Art History specification. The development of art in Ireland will be examined from Neolithic to Medieval Ireland using high quality photography to examine artefacts, such as the 'Tara' Brooch and Ardagh Chalice, up close. When booking, please advise of topics that you would like to be covered as part of the session such as time period, artefacts, art styles, and themes.


 Activity at a glance

Level: 5th and 6th Years
Format: Virtual online session. Access to Microsoft Teams is required to avail of this online session
Duration: 30-35 minutes 
Capacity: One class per session 
Availability: Wednesday and Thursdays at 10:30am and 12pm
Booking: Please contact to book this session 

Curriculum Links

Leaving Certificate Art

History and Appreciation of Art
Section I – Art in Ireland (from Prehistoric times to the present)
Section III – General Appreciation. Students are encouraged to inspiration from every day experiences

 Learning Outcomes

  • Explore objects from the Museum in greater detail
  • ​Gain a greater understanding of the development of art in Ireland from the Neolithic up to the 12th century and learn more about the people who made and used these objects
  • Examine the different materials and techniques used to construct these objects 

Before your Virtual Session

Teachers and students can view the Leaving Certificate Art History presentation online that will be used as part of this session. This contains high quality imagery of key artefacts from the Museum's collection. There are also a number of other Museum resources, including exhibition pages, that will assist students studying Leaving Certificate Art History. 

Leaving Certificate Art History Presentation
Leaving Certificate Art History Resources 

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