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Classroom Activity: St. Patrick Relics Colouring Sheets

Learn more about Ireland's patron saint, St. Patrick, and the relics that are believed to have once belonged to the saint

Did you know that there are objects in the Museum’s collection that are believed to have once belonged to St. Patrick? These are called relics and are kept in very special and beautifully decorated containers called shrines. In the classroom, download and print out these colouring sheets of St. Patrick's relics and learn more about Ireland's patron saint. Design and decorate your own shinre for something you hold special. 

Activity at a glance

Level: 3rd to 6th Class
Format: Pintable colouring sheets and factsheet 
Duration: Each activity can take 15 - 25 minutes 
Availability: Online – please click link below to access and download PDF for printing 


Colouring Sheets 

Factsheet - St. Patrick and his Relics
Colouring Sheet - St. Patrick's Bell
Colouring Sheet - St. Patrick's Bell Shrine
Decorate - St. Patrick's Bell Shrine 
Colouring Sheet - St. Patrick's Tooth Shrine 

If you would like to learn more about St. Patrick and about customs and traditions that people have when celebrating St. Patrick's Day, check out this article about St. Patrick's Day celebrations, parades, and badges.  

To discover even more about St. Patrick's Bell and make your own bell with materials in the classroom, take a look at this craft video of how to make your own hand-bell.

Curriculum Links

SESE History

Working as an Historian
Time and Chronology / Using Evidence / Change and Continuity / Cause and Effect / Synthesis and Communications / Empathy

Stories from the lives of the people in the past / Myths and Legends

Early Peoples and Ancient Societies
Early Christian Ireland

Continuity and Change Over Time
Communications / Literature, Arts, Crafts, and Culture


Other Curriculum Links

SESE Geography
A Sense of Place and Space

SESE Science
Living Things / Materials / Environmental Awareness and Care

Visual Arts
Concepts / Drawing / Paint and Colour / Construction / Fabric and Fibre

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick, and the objects that are connected to him

  • Examine how artefacts and archaeology inform us about the coming of Christianity to Ireland and about the people who lived in Early Medieval Ireland​ 

  • Use arts and crafts to learn more about St. Patrick and his relics that are in the Museum's collection


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