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Virtual Session: The Vikings in Ireland

Museum Viking handling collection

Discover the amazing history of the Vikings in Ireland in this live virtual session!

Museum Educators will share videos and use objects from the Museum’s handling collection to shed light on this fascinating period in Irish history.

Virtual Tour at a glance - Fully Booked

Level: 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Class
Format: Facilitated Virtual Session 
Duration: 45-50 minutes 
Capacity: 30 students max 
Availability: All tour slots for Autumn term 2024 available from August​ (date TBC).
Times: 10am and 11:30am
Booking: To enquire about this free online facilitated session for your class please complete this enquiry form.

Description: Short videos on Archaeology and the Vikings are combined with a live presented introduction, Q&A, and virtual close-up inspection of museum handling objects such as raw materials, tools and weapons!

Please note:

  • This session will be facilitated via Microsoft Teams, and can be joined either by using the application or any web browser

  • This workshop is designed to be run from classrooms and is not currently bookable for pupils learning from home

  • The teacher will remain in the room throughout the duration of the workshop

Curriculum Links - SESE History

Working as an Historian
Time and Chronology / Using Evidence / Change and Continuity / Cause and Effect / Synthesis and Communications / Empathy

Early Peoples and Ancient Societies
Vikings / Early Christian Ireland

Stories from the lives of the people in the past / Myths and Legends

Continuity and Change Over Time
Communications / Literature, Arts, Crafts, and Culture

Learning outcomes

On completion of this live session students should be able to: 

  • Examine critically, and become familiar with, evidence we have which tells us about these people, especially using Archaeological evidence of these people within the National Museum of Ireland’s collection

  • ​Become familiar with some aspects of the lives of these peoples – origins, homelands and migrations, homes, settlements and urban developments, food and farming, clothes, work and technologies, tools and weapons, cultural or artistic achievements, language(s), myths and stories, leisure and pastimes

  • Discuss links these people had with Ireland or Europe, arrival, settlement and life of these people in Ireland, relationship of these people with other civilisations, long-term contribution of these people

Before your session

Teachers, please preview short curriculum linked videos that will be screened to your class during the virtual session. 

Prepare the class for the virtual session. Give pupils an idea of what to expect to see or have a discussion about the Museum in advance of the visit.

Why not take a 3D virtual tour of the NMI - Archaeology Viking gallery in the classroom with your students.

Resources and suggestions:

Explore our specially designed activity sheets in the classroom to learn more about the Vikings
Learn more about the life of the Vikings here. Uncover the secret runic writing of the Vikings and use it to name and decorate a Viking sword. Discover more about some of the gods from Norse (Viking) mythology in our word search, and learn about their special objects including Thor and his magic hammer. Make your own Viking Helmet Mask and find out more about Odin and his ravens and create your own Viking Raven Mask.

Make a booking

To book this virtual session for your class please email us on


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