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Online Resources and Activities

Discover our online resources linked to the collection of the National Museum of Ireland – Country Life. Our activities are suitable for families. These art and craft activities can be completed with easily found materials, no printer required!


Learn more about Trades (1850-1950)

Most of the objects that people needed for their daily lives were made by hand using locally available raw
materials. These objects were made by traditional craft workers. Learn more about different crafts by taking on this challenge.  


Learn more about Hearth and Home (1850-1950)

The hearth was central to daily life in the home and the fire provided the family with heat and light. Learn about daily life in the home long ago by taking on this challenge. 


Make a Paper Basket 

Design your own paper basket inspired by the rush basket in our handling collection and the baskets on display in the Museum’s exhibition. Watch the short film by artist and Museum guide Renata Pekowska, on how to make a paper basket in this step-by-step tutorial.

Make a Harvest Knot

Harvest Knots are knots of woven straw that were made as part of the harvest celebration. Watch the short film by Museum educator Tom Doyle on how to make a Harvest Knot to celebrate Lúnasa.

Make a St Brigid's Cross

St Brigid’s Crosses are a widespread traditional custom in Ireland to celebrate St Brigid and gain her protection. Watch the short film by Museum educator Tom Doyle on how to make a St Brigid’s cross.


Pop-up Talk on the Butterprint 

If you’re missing some of our guided tours, have a listen and uncover more information about selected objects in the Museum's collections. 


What are these Strange and Unusual Objects? 

We have chosen a number of items to test your knowledge of life in rural Ireland between 1850 and 1950. We will post an object each week from the folklife collection and will reveal the answer the following week. Check out the NMI facebook/ twitter page to join in the challenge!


We want to hear how you get on!

Send us photos of your artworks or write to us! Email us or post your photos online (through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) using the hashtag #MuseumAtHome

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