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Science Week: Tour of the Solar System


Take a tour through our solar system looking at what would happen if the sun was half its size or if the moon didn't exist. This exciting workshop with Science Ireland will explore the scale of the universe and allow for a discussion on how amazing it is that humans exist in this harsh universe. 

Activity at a Glance

Level: Junior Cycle and Transition Year 
Group Size: Class  
Set-up: Online 10min Check Connection/ Video/ Watch pre-presentations or links
Duration: 50min, 3 parts
5min: Introduction to Museum
40min: Performance  
5min: Conclusion Q & A
Availability: Wednesday 15th November 2023
Times: 10am to 11 or 11.30am to 12.30pm or 1pm to 2pm 
Booking: Booking required
Accessibility:  Q & A

Bookings and Information:

To book this event, contact the bookings and information office

Curriculum Links: 


Learning Outcomes: 

  • Take a tour through the solar system 

  • Exploration and Change

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