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Classroom Activity: Learn about Trades in Ireland (1850-1950)

Trades and Crafts exhibition at the NMI - Country Life

Most of the objects that people needed for their daily lives were made by hand using locally available raw materials. These objects were made by traditional craft workers.

Activity at a glance

Level: Junior Cycle and Transition Year 
Format: Printable activity sheet to be used in the classroom
Duration: Each activity can take 30-45 minutes
Availability: Online – please click link below to download PDF of activity 

Curriculum Links

SESE History

  • Recognising key change

  • Exploring people, culture and ideas

  • Applying historical thinking


Learning Outcomes 

  • Gain a greater understanding of life in Ireland 1850-1950.
  • Learn about different trades in a community and how they worked together. 

  • Find out more about objects associated with different trades


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