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How to Research Your Irish Family History

Workshop with members of the Mayo Genealogy Group where they will share with students their tips on creating and researching a Family Tree. This will be done through a mixture of videos and live interaction.

Activity at a Glance

Level: 5th & 6th Class
Group Size: Classroom Size
Location: Virtual Session MS TEAMS
Set-up: Check Connection/ Video/ Pre-presentations 
Duration: 40 min, 3 parts
5 min: Introduction to the Museum
30 min: Workshop/ Mix of talk/ Video/ Q & A
5 min: Conclusion
Availability: 20th May 2021
Times: 10am to 11am or 11.30am to 12.30pm
Booking: Booking required
Accessibility: Q & A

Bookings and Information:

To book the workshop and to find out about available dates contact the Bookings and Information Office at

Curriculum Links: 


  • Myself and my Family

  • Story

  • Life, Society, Work and Culture in the Past

  • Eras of Change and Conflict

  • Politics, Conflict and Society

  • Continuity and Change Over Time.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • What is Genealogy

  • What records are online 

  • First steps to create a family tree 

  • What can I do at school and at home

    Pre-Visit Resources:

  • Check out the Mayo Genealogy Group on Mayo Roots here 
  • Check out about the group and some of their other projects on Our Irish Heritage here

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