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Create Your Own Family Tree

This workshop facilitated by the Mayo Genealogy Group will help students with top tips on how to create a Family Tree through a mixture of researching and investigating. This workshop will involve a mixture of videos and live interaction.

Activity at a Glance

Level: 5th & 6th Class
Group Size: Classroom Size
Location: Virtual Session 
Set-up: Check Connection/ Video/ Pre-presentations 
Duration: 50 min, 3 parts
5 min: Introduction to the Museum
40 min: Workshop/ Mix of talk/ Video/ Q & A
5 min: Conclusion
Availability: 17th October 2024
Times: 10am to 11am or 11.30am to 12.30pm
Booking: Booking required
Accessibility: Q & A

Bookings and Information:

Please complete an online enquiry form and we will be in touch soon.

Alternatively, you can email the Bookings Office at or telephone (094) 90 31751. 

Curriculum Links: 

Social Environmental and Scientific Education (SESE)


  • Myself and my Family
  • Local studies: Stories of People in the Past
  • Story
  • Life, Society, Work and Culture in the Past
  • Eras of Change and Conflict
  • Politics, Conflict and Society
  • Continuity and Change Over Time
  • Working as an historian – Discuss the Past and Present

Learning Outcomes: 

  • What is Genealogy
  • Create a family tree and learn the steps to continue searching from school and at home 
  • Study people of the past in order to develop a balanced understanding of family and local history
  • Learn about the people, events, issues and cultural experiences which have helped to shape the local community and the environment
  • Develop an understanding of chronology, in order to place people, events and topics studied in a broad historical sequence
  • Acquire some understanding of change and continuity
  • Examine and use a range of historical evidence
  • Develop a sense of personal and local identities through studying the history and cultural inheritance of family
  • Develop a sense of responsibility for, and a willingness to participate in, the preservation of heritage

Pre-Visit Resources: 

  • Check out the Mayo Genealogy Group on Mayo Roots here 
  • Check out about the group and some of their other projects on Our Irish Heritage here

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