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Barracks Life Room

The Barracks Life Room, Ground Floor, Soldiers & Chiefs

The Barracks Life Room is an interactive discovery area in the Museum's Soldiers & Chiefs exhibition.

It tells the stories of the everyday lives of soldiers living in the Barracks in the 1870s, when the British Army were stationed at the Royal Barracks, and the 1940s, when the Irish Defence Forces took over and renamed it Collins Barracks.  

Come and discover how soldiers lived during these two distinct periods in history.  



What Can You Do? 

Did you know soldiers had to keep their beds neat and tidy? If any item was out of place, they would have to make it up all over again!  

  • Get up close to reconstructions of soldiers' beds as they would have looked in the 1870s and 1940s.  
  • Learn about all the different objects that would have made up a soldier’s kit, laid out in the standard order of the time. 
  • Play a game of Spot the Differences in one of our activity booklets.

Using interactive touchscreen, you can:
  • Explore a map of the Barracks in the past.
  • Find out about the diet and health of soldiers.
  • Learn how to present arms.

Dress up like British Army and Irish Defence Forces soldiers or a World War I munition worker, wearing the uniforms available in the chests.


Explore a selection of fascinating artefacts related to soldiering and wartime. 


The Barracks Life Room is open every day of the week.

Opening hours of the Museum: 

  • Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, Saturday 10am - 5pm 

  • Thursdays (during July, August & September) 10am-8pm 

  • Sunday and Monday 1pm - 5pm 

  • Christmas Eve 10am - 12pm 

  • Closed Christmas Day, St. Stephen's Day and Good Friday 

We hope to see you there!

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