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Post Primary: Soldiers & Chiefs Activity Books 1-12

These 12 activity books encourage students to explore themes within the exhibition Soldiers and Chiefs.

A Teachers' Guide to using the books with your class, which provides practical advice, curriculum links and follow-up activities for your classroom, is also available.

The books are ordered by level of challenge - one to four is for introductory level; five to eight for intermediate; and nine to twelve for advanced. 

We advise you to look through a selection to determine the books best suited to your class.

Symbols of Ireland Book 1  (0.35 MB, Adobe PDF)
Far From Home Book 2  (0.33 MB, Adobe PDF)
Garrison Communities Book 3  (0.28 MB, Adobe PDF)
Horsepower Book 4  (0.37 MB, Adobe PDF)
Army Women Army Children Book 5  (0.35 MB, Adobe PDF)
Clothes Make The Soldier Book 6  (0.37 MB, Adobe PDF)
Far From Home Book 7  (0.35 MB, Adobe PDF)
Why Soldiers Enlist Book 8  (0.55 MB, Adobe PDF)
Horsepower Book 9  (0.41 MB, Adobe PDF)
The Experience of Battle Book 10  (0.36 MB, Adobe PDF)
Symbols of Ireland Book 11  (0.36 MB, Adobe PDF)
What is a Hero? Book 12  (0.27 MB, Adobe PDF)

Teacher's Notes for Soldiers & Chiefs books 1-12

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