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Primary: Soldiers and Chiefs Activity Books 1-8

These eight activity books encourage students to learn through a self-directed enquiry approach and explore themes within the exhibition Soldiers and Chiefs.

A Teachers' Guide to using the books with your class, which provides practical advice, curriculum links and follow-up activities for your classroom, is also available.

The eight books are ordered by level of challenge with books one to four for introductory level, and five to eight for intermediate. We advise you to look through a selection to determine the books best suited to your class.

Symbols of Ireland Book 1  (0.35 MB, Adobe PDF)
Far From Home Book 2  (0.33 MB, Adobe PDF)
Garrison Communities Book 3  (0.28 MB, Adobe PDF)
Horsepower Book 4  (0.37 MB, Adobe PDF)
Army Women Army Children Book 5  (0.35 MB, Adobe PDF)
Clothes Make The Soldier Book 6  (0.37 MB, Adobe PDF)
Far From Home Book 7  (0.35 MB, Adobe PDF)
Why Soldiers Enlist Book 8  (0.55 MB, Adobe PDF)

Teacher's Notes for Soldiers & Chiefs books 1-12

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