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Irish Wars 1919 - 1923 Factsheets

Explore artefacts and stories from the National Museum of Ireland’s ‘Irish Wars, 1919 – 1923’ exhibition through this engaging and informative interactive set of Factsheets

These factsheets will present an overview of the Irish War of Independence and the Irish Civil War by discussing 10 key themes, through artefacts in the Museum's collection. Each topic will also present activities and discussion topics to engage students with some of the key questions of the period, in order to provoke discussion and reflection on a key period in Irish history.

The Irish Wars: 1919 - 1923 Factsheets


Activity at a Glance

Level: Junior Cycle, Transition Year, Senior Cycle
Format: Factsheets
Group Size: Any
Location: Classroom Activity
Availability: The Irish Wars 1919 – 1923 Factsheets can be downloaded from the link above

Curriculum Links

Subject. History

Junior Cycle
  • Development of Historical Consciousness
  • Working with Evidence
  • Acquiring the “big picture”
  • The History of Ireland 
Senior Cycle
  • Working with Evidence
  • Movements for political and social reform, 1870-1914
  • The pursuit of sovereignty and the impact of partition, 1912-1949

Learning Outcomes

  • To present an engaging and thought-provoking learning resource based around the Irish War of Independence and Irish Civil War, through artefacts from the National Museum of Ireland’s recently launched exhibition
  • To provide historical context and information around some of the key themes and artefacts presented in the ‘Irish Wars 1919-1923’ exhibition
  • To provoke discussion and reflection on key themes portrayed in the exhibition, including the effects the conflict had on civilians during this period, the tactics that were used, and the consequences of the conflicts on Irish politics and society
  • To suggest potential discussion points in order to aid classroom discussion, and to suggest possible solo and group activities for students to engage in, which will enhance their understanding of the material presented
  • To highlight the benefits of object based learning, both in a cultural institution and a classroom setting, using artefacts in the Museum’s collection

Pre-Visit Resources

Exploring the Irish Wars, 1919 – 1923,-1919-1923
Virtual Tour. Proclaiming a Republic. The 1916 Easter Rising
Pop-Up Talks. Proclaiming a Republic. The 1916 Easter Rising
‘Proclaiming a Republic: The 1916 Rising’ Microsite

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