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Onsite Workshop: Fashioning Changemakers

 Ib Jorgensen: A Fashion Retrospective Exhibition

Workshop at a glance

Level: 3rd to 6th class
Group size: 20
Location: The way We Wore: 250 years of Irish Clothing and Jewellery &E
Duration: 1 hour
Available: Thursday 10am to 11am and 12pm to 1pm
Booking: This workshop is in development. Please pre register your interest here.

This SESE & PSHE focused workshop uses the museum’s diverse fashion collection to show how our clothes communicate messages about who we are. Children will explore how clothes in the past were often repaired, re-worn or refashioned and discover how garments can be used as radical statement against social and political norms. Materials such as bone, coral and fur were often collected from the natural world and used to make clothes or accessories, and these show the darker tales of fashion history. These stories inspire students to think differently about the clothes we wear now and make positive changes. Through learning about clothes manufacturing in the past and fast fashion today students are encouraged to think about what lessons we can learn from the past to become changemakers for a more sustainable fashion future.

Curriculum links

SESE History

Working as a Historian
Time and chronology/ Using evidence/ Communication

Life, society, work and culture in the past
Life and culture in late 19th and early 20th century Ireland

Continuity and change over time
Clothing over time 

SESE Geography
Environmental awareness • Environmental awareness and care

SPHE Curruculum
Being Creative-Students explore and evaluate options in the context of decisions they make and consider possible outcomes and consequences. Thinking creatively and being open to the viewpoint and perspective of others is also encouraged.
Managing Information And Thinking- Students are encouraged to question assumptions (their own and others) and social norms. They are supported to reflect on their learning and prompted to review their learning in light of new information and insights gained.
Strand- Developing citizenship

Visual Arts Curriculum
Drawing, Construction


Learning outcomes

  • To encourage children to think about the real people who wore these clothses and how clothing can be used as a tool for people to express themselves. 
  • Learn about the manufactoring of clothing in the past and the lessons whcih can learnt and translated to today. 
  • Gain an understanding of their own buying and consumption habits and how they can become a conscious consumer and be more sustainable in their daily lives.
  • Create an action plan to change their fashion behaviour through simple actions they can apply in daily life to begin their own sustainable fashion journey.



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