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Onsite Workshop: Safari in Silver

A Safari in Silver workshop in action

Workshop at a glance

Level: 1st to 6th class
Group size: 20
Location: Irish Silver gallery
Duration: 1 hour
Available: Thursday, 10am to 11am and 12pm to 1pm
Booking: Please contact to book this session

In this creative art & drama workshop students will be introduced to the Museum's Irish Silver collection and discover how objects can give insights into society, culture and the artistic achievements of people living in Ireland during the 17th – 20th centuries.  
After discovering all the different animals hidden in the silver gallery, students will be challenged to design and create their own imaginary animal based on what they have discovered. 

Curriculum links

SESE History

Working as a Historian
Time and chronology/ Using evidence/ Communication

Stories from the lives of people in the past/ Myths and legends

Life, society, work and culture in the past
Language and culture in late 19th and early 20th century Ireland

Visual Arts Curriculum
Drawing, Construction

Drama Curriculum
Exploring and making drama
Co-operating and communicating in making drama

Learning outcomes

  • To encourage students to explore the Silver Collection in an atmosphere of personal discovery, generated through the linkage of observation with imagination
  • Allow students to explore the collection in a self-directed manner, while having a defined purpose
  • To create an awareness of what a museum collects and displays, and why
  • To learn about artistic methods used in silversmithing
  • To develop creative and drama skills by using imagination and design in the creation of mythical beasts

Resources and suggestions

After your visit

  • Draw, paint or colour your mythical creature
  • Make the mythical creature in clay or make a mask of the mythical creature
  • Design an animal shaped teapot; make the teapot two-dimensional out of card and tinfoil
  • Write a story based on the adventures of the mythical creature

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