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IRA Intelligence File

A page detail from the file

IRA Intelligence File, c.1920-1921

This photobook was created by an IRA Intelligence Unit, and contains photographs of intended targets – RIC and Auxiliaries – in particular those who were identified as having murdered IRA men, British Intelligence agents, and potential informants (‘touts’). Each man is numbered and with their personal details or physical descriptions detailed. Some of the photographs appear to have been taken without the subjects’ knowledge, and some are official or studio photographs; these could be obtained by IRA Intelligence Departments through friends of the movement working in photography studios. This was a common practice used to identify Auxiliaries. 
The file was in the possession of Commandant Matt Fitzpatrick, 5th Northern Division, IRA, who was killed in action in Clones in February 1922.
With acknowledgement and thanks to Gerrard Fitzpatrick and Anna Pegley.

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