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Watch Back: Insects in the City

A cockroach, honey bee and peacock butterfly from the NMI-Natural History collection.

About 11,500 different insect species have been discovered in Ireland. What six-legged insects live in our cities? Join Entomology Curator, Aidan O’Hanlon, for a short online talk on the six-legged neighbours living in our cities!

It is estimated that almost 90% of all animal life forms are insects. They are found in almost every environment on earth, and a small number of species have been able to thrive in some of the least-natural areas on the planet – in the cities, homes and gardens of humans. Urban environments are home to a surprising cast of insect species – most are beneficial, others are a nuisance and fewer still are potentially dangerous. Insects from around the world often show up in urban environments, and a small number of these can settle down alongside humans.

This talk was programmed for Biodiversity Week 2022. It first took place as a closed YouTube live event on Friday, 20 May 2022. It is a pre-recorded talk with live Q&A.


For more highlights about the insect collections at the Museum visit our online talk series 'Tales from the Decant' and learn about 'The Weird World of Ireland's Stinging Wasps'. 


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