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Self-Guided Visit: Resources

Student with activity sheet on a self-guided visit to the Museum

Let the Museum and its collections capture the imagination of your students with a self-guided visit.

Activity sheets are a great way to learn, explore and enjoy the objects and themes of the collections. Discover more about biodiversity, ecology and conservation with the curriculum-linked activity sheet ‘Everything Counts’. Booking is essential.

Self-guided visit at a glance

Level: 1st year – 6th Year
Duration: 45 mins
Availability: Museum opening hours. Limited availability. Please enquire below.
Times: Self-guided visits are booked on the hour only from 1pm – 3pm on Mon; 10am - 3pm Tues - Fri.
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible. If your group has any additional access concerns or requirements please advise the Museum Bookings team in advance.  
Booking: To enquire about booking a self-guided visit for your class with or without activity sheets, please complete this enquiry form*** We are currently taking bookings until the end of May 2024 ***

Curriculum links

  • Junior Certificate - Science, CPSE, ESS

  • Transition Year - Transition Units e.g. Environmental Studies/Environmental Awareness and Care, Debating Development (Climate Change)

  • Leaving Certificate Applied - General Education (Social Education), Elective Modules (Science - Ecology), Student Tasks (Contemporary Issue Task) 

  • Leaving Certificate Established - Biology and Geography


Everything Counts

This activity booklet builds on knowledge of ecology and environmental awareness and care. Using existing knowledge and the information provided in the booklet, complete a series of specific tasks on the ground floor of the Museum.

Everything Counts Biodiversity Activity Sheet (0.68 MB, Adobe PDF)


Download and print the activity sheet for your self-guided visit. Alternatively you can request an activity sheet pack during the booking process. 

Learning outcomes

On completion of a self-guided visit with activity sheet students should be able to -

  • Describe the meaning of 'biodiversity' and recognise examples of different groups or families of animals from Ireland on display.

  • Describe the meaning of ‘Zoology’ and record examples of species on display in the Irish Room including a description of their features or taxonomic traits.

  • Give a specific example of a food chain in Ireland using the collections of the museum as inspiration.

  • Describe the meaning of ‘Invasive Species’ and report the story of the musk rat in Ireland.

  • Describe the role of conservation and identify how animals can be re-introduced into a habitat, and describe the pros and cons e.g. re-introduction programme example of the golden eagle in Ireland

Before your visit

Prepare the class for the visit. Give students an idea of what to expect to see or have a discussion about the Museum in advance of the visit.

Why not take a 3D virtual tour of the NMI - Natural History in the classroom with your students.

Make an enquiry

To enquire about booking a self-guided visit for your class with or without activity sheets, please complete this enquiry form

If you have any further queries about any of the Education Department’s resources contact our Bookings Office at

Please regularly check the website for updated information on Museum opening hours. 

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