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Virtual Session: Go Extinct!

A boy and girl posing in front of a Spotted Hyena

Discover the amazing extinct animals of the Museum in this live virtual session, led by a Museum Educator and beamed straight to your classroom. Your class will be virtually welcomed, and guided through some of the rarest museum specimens, all of which have one thing in common – they are extinct!

Virtual session at a glance

Level: 3rd to 6th Class
Duration: 45 mins
Capacity: One class per session
Availability: Thursdays 11th & 25th April, 9th May and 13th June 2024. 
Times: 10am & 11.30am
Booking: To enquire about this free online facilitated session for your class please complete this enquiry form.
Description: Short videos of extinct museum animals are combined with a live presented introduction, Q&A, and virtual close-up inspection of educational handling collections including skulls, skeletons and skins!

Please note:

  • This session will be facilitated via Microsoft Teams, and can be joined either by using the application or any web browser. 
  • This workshop is designed to be run from classrooms and is not currently bookable for pupils learning from home.
  • The teacher will remain in the room throughout the duration of the workshop.

Curriculum links

SESE Science

Investigating and experimenting
Collect information and data from a variety of sources

Living things
Human life; Plant and animal life

Environmental awareness and care
Environmental awareness; Science and the environment; Caring for the environment

Learning outcomes

On completion of this live session students should be able to: 

  • Describe the meaning of “extinct” and recognise examples of different extinctions throughout the Earth’s history.
  • ​Describe animal extinctions specific to Ireland in the distant past, and historical e.g. cases studies of Giant Irish Deer, Hyena, Wolf
  • Describe “extinction” versus “local extinction”.
  • Describe the role of conservation and identify how animals can be re-introduced into a habitat, and describe the pros and cons e.g. re-introduction programme example of Wolves in Yellowstone, USA and Eagles in Ireland.

Resources and suggestions:

Video resources: What Does “Extinct” Mean? (1 min 07 sec); Giant Irish Deer (1 min 39 sec); Hyena (1 min 17 sec); Dodo (2 min 00 sec); Thylacine (1 min 49 sec); Wolf (3 min 27 sec). Total: 10 min 19 sec.

Before your session

Teachers, please preview short curriculum linked videos that will be screened to your class during the virtual session. 

Prepare the class for the virtual session. Give pupils an idea of what to expect to see or have a discussion about the Museum in advance of the visit.

Why not take a 3D virtual tour of the NMI - Natural History in the classroom with your students.

Make an enquiry

To enquire about this free online facilitated session for your class please complete this enquiry form.

After your virtual session

  • After the session, Teachers will be sent via email a number of fun follow-up learning activities for pupils to explore in the classroom.

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