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Celebrate St Patrick's Day with the 'Museum at Home'

St Patrick's Day display at the NMI - Country Life, Turlough Park, Castlebar, Co. Mayo

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with the Museum at Home through this range of events and activities for all ages from 13 to 17 March.

Make your own St Patrick's Day badge with recycled materials; discover the hidden meanings behind the symbols of Ireland; learn about Ireland's natural history; or enjoy some colouring-in for all of the family. 

CRAFT: Make your own St Patrick’s badge

Join Tom Doyle from the Education Team at the National Museum of Ireland - Country Life for some St Patrick’s Day crafting. In years gone by, children made a St Patrick’s badge to wear in honour of the saint on his feast day on 17 March. There are many examples of these colourful badges in the National Folklife Collection and Tom will show us how to make your own badge at home in this online workshop. Why not share your creations with us on social media? Tag us in your post or use the hashtag #MuseumatHome.

LEARN ABOUT: Symbols of Ireland

Available on Youtube from 9am, Wednesday, 17 March

Learn about some of the hidden meanings behind the symbols of Ireland with this online, pop-up talk on 17 March. Join our Museum educators as they explore this topic through objects from the Museum’s collections at the NMI - Decorative Arts & History, Collins Barracks, Dublin 7. 

COLOURING-IN: St Patrick’s relics

Did you know there are objects in the Museum’s collection that are believed to have once belonged to St. Patrick? These are called relics and are kept in very special and beautifully decorated containers called shrines. Discover more about St. Patrick and his relics by downloading and printing out these special colouring sheets. Why not design your own shrine for something you hold special at home! We’d love to see your creations and you can share your artwork with us on social media using hashtag #MuseumatHome.

WATCH: Tales of Ireland Past

Did you know that Ireland wasn’t always an island? It has been a barren and icy place at times and blanketed with trees at others? The changing landscape has been home for all sorts of animals, including brown bears, giant deer and even hyenas – but, perhaps surprisingly, never snakes. In more recent times Ireland had native wolves, wild boars and white-tailed eagles, as well as the familiar fox, pine marten and stoat which can still be found today. Watch Paolo Viscardi of the NMI - Natural History for this St Patrick's Festival event looking at Ireland's ever-changing natural history.


CRAFT: How to make a St Patrick's Bell

Create your own early medieval hand bell, inspired by the bell thought to have once belonged to St. Patrick. Watch this short step-by-step video by artist Renata Pekowska to discover how to make your own early medieval hand bell using materials in your own home.


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