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Step into history this Christmas at the National Museum of Ireland

It maybe sometime since you last visited us here at the National Museum of Ireland! We're happy to let you know that Christmas 2021 is a great time to book your free ticket and drop by, as there are lots of new and exciting exhibitions open to the public at NMI - Archaeology, NMI - Decorative Arts & History, and NMI - Country Life, Castlebar.

National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology

Colmcille: Sacred objects of a Saint – 1500 years of devotion

This exhibition celebrates of one of Ireland’s three patron saints on the 1500th anniversary of his birth, through a selection of famous artefacts associated with him.

Glendalough: Power, Prayer and Pilgrimage

This exhibition focuses on Glendalough, a place of national significance as the story of a saint who became intertwined with landscape, buildings and objects as Christianity transformed medieval Ireland. The major players in medieval Ireland were all involved from the Vikings, bishops and abbots, to local and national kings.

National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History

Studio & State: The Laverys and the Anglo-Irish Treaty

This exhibition features for the first time Sir John Lavery’s paintings of the Treaty signatories from Hugh Lane Gallery next to contemporary artefacts of the time from the National Museum of Ireland’s collection. Museum objects include the fountain pen reputedly used by Michael Collins to sign the original Treaty document and propaganda handbills.

Down to Earth - Exploring Ireland's Geology

Down to Earth, Exploring Ireland's Geology is an exhibition on the geology of Ireland that tells the story of how scientists have developed their understanding of our planet over the last 175 years. 

Little Houses

Little Houses is an exhibition of artworks created through a collaborative partnership between the Stoneybatter Youth Service and the National Museum.

The artworks were created by young people from the community close to Collins Barracks during the series of Lockdowns since March 2020. The exhibition is a visual record of their experiences of the pandemic and its impact on the community, and wider society.

National Museum of Ireland - Country Life

Our Irish Chair: Tradition Revisited

Explore the design and exceptional crafting tradition of an engaging Irish chair type, and the creativity it continues to inspire.

1845: Memento Mori

1845: Memento Mori is a famine memorial by glass artist Paula Stokes. It is an installation of 1,845 handblown glass potatoes remembering the Great Irish Famine.

One Day: 40 Sunrises

One Day : 40 Sunrises is a project by Irish artist Ian Wieczorek, comprising 40 paintings based on live-streamed webcam imagery of sunrises around the world on 15 July 2020. Originally presented as an exhibition online, the paintings are now presented in their original form.

The National Museum of Ireland will be closed on from 12.30pm on Christmas Eve, and all day on Christmas Day and St. Stephen's Day. 

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