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Join a Museum tour to celebrate the Dublin Festival of History this autumn

Eileen Gray exhibition at the National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History

This Autumn, the National Museum of Ireland is taking part in the Dublin Festival of History with a series of tours showcasing some key exhibitions at our Musuem sites.

Explore the works of Eileen Gray; discover what life was like for Irish soldiers fighting in the First World War; or learn about striking ground axes from the Neolithic Age. No booking is required and admission is free.

The Dublin Festival of History is an annual free programme of events organised by Dublin City Council and Dublin City Libraries, in partnership with the Dublin City Council Culture Company. With more than 130 in-person and online events taking place across Dublin, the festival aims to shine a fresh perspective on history and its importance in our everyday lives.

This year, the festival runs from Monday 26 September to Sunday 16 October.

Dublin Festival of History: Highlight Tour of the National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology
11am and 12.30pm, Saturday, 8 October

Join this free guided tour to discover what life was like from Stone Age to Medieval Ireland. Learn about striking ground stone axes from the Neolithic, gold objects from the Bronze Age and iconic Early Medieval treasures such as the ‘Tara’ Brooch and the Ardagh Chalice. No booking required. FIND OUT MORE

Dublin Festival of History: ‘From Barracks to Museum: An Introduction to Collins Barracks’ Family Tour
Various Times, Saturday and Sunday, 1 to 16 October

Join an introductory family tour to learn about the history of Collins Barracks. Explore the lives of soldiers living in the Barracks from the 1700s to the late 1900s, and the site's transition from Barracks to Museum. This tour will also introduce you to some of the highlights from the Museum’s military history and decorative arts exhibitions. FIND OUT MORE

Dublin Festival of History: ‘Eileen Gray’ Family Tour
2pm, Sunday, 9 October

Join this guided family tour to learn all about the ‘Eileen Gray’ exhibition. The tour will examine the life and works of the famous Irish born designer. FIND OUT MORE

Dublin Festival of History: ‘Recovered Voices: Stories and Experiences of Irishmen at Home and Abroad: 1914-1915’ Family Tour
2pm, Saturday and Sunday, 1 to 16 October

Get an introduction to the First World War, the people involved, and how it impacted their lives on this free family tour. Learn about the all-encompassing nature of the First World War and explore artefacts from the Museum’s collection that tell some of the stories of the nurses, doctors, prisoners of war and ordinary soldiers involved in the war from Ireland. FIND OUT MORE 

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