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03 March 2022: Irish cultural institutions celebrate festival of LGBTI+ history International festival OUTing the Past returns to Ireland this spring

Fifteen Cultural Institutions, 24 days, 3 weeks, 39 exciting events and one amazing all-Ireland wide LGBTI+ Festival!
Outing the Past is back, bigger and better, more fabulous than ever!
Galleries, museums, libraries and archives across Ireland present OUTing the Past 2022: The International Festival of Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Trans History, an exciting celebration of events, talks, webinars and workshops which will run from 18 March 2022 to 10 April 2022.
In just four years, this important festival, which aims to provide a platform for previously overlooked LGBTI+ histories, has grown from a small grassroots event in Belfast to an island-wide collaboration in 2022. From Dublin to Derry and Kilkenny to Mayo, this year’s programme brings academics, activists and the rich diversity of the LGBTI+ community together, and invites you to participate through online and in person events.
“With so many institutions hosting and organising events across Ireland, OTP has truly flourished across Ireland since Cara-Friend organised the first hub on the island in Belfast at the Ulster Museum. Dozens, if not hundreds, of LGBTI+ individuals will be speaking as part of the 2022 festival and LGBTI+ charitable organisations at a local level play a big role in the organising of festival hubs” said Adam Murray of Cara-Friend, the Northern Ireland based LGBTQI+ support group.
From behind the scenes politicking to absences in family photo albums; from the life and legacies of queer artists to the representation of the LGBTI+ community in television, the OUTing the Past Festival continues to share and explore previously overlooked or hidden LGBTQIA+ histories.

Addressing how critical it is for LGBTQI+ history to be shared and explored, Brian Crowley,  curator of Kilmainham Gaol, expressed how delighted the Gaol is to be the host for the opening event of OUTing The Past Festival 2022. The Festival is a very important initiative which addresses the historic erasure of LGBTQIA+ lives and invites the public to explore stories which were too often hidden or denied in the past."
‘’Butler Gallery is delighted to be producing three events at OUTing the Past Festival for the first time in 2022. The festival is an exciting model of collaboration between museums and galleries that celebrates and brings light to the rich LGBTI+ community history. This is part of our shared heritage and Butler Gallery is thankful to be part of this public moment through OUTing the Past.’’ Hollie Kearns, Learning and Public Engagement Curator at Butler Gallery
With 15 participating partner cultural institutions, from the four provinces of Ireland, this year’s festival represents LGBTI+ communities across the island.
Thanks to the continued support of LGBTI+ individuals and organisations, the OUTing the Past festival continues to be a huge success and organisers are very grateful to all those contributors new and old whose hard work ensures its continued relevance.
The programme of talks, highlighting key moments throughout LGBTI+ history will run at over 15 institutions throughout Ireland with many online and in person events.
OUTing the Past 2022 will run from 18 March 2022 until 10 April 2022.
Admission to all events is free. Booking is required for some events, see for further details.
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Listings information:
Kilmainham Gaol: Friday 18 March (in person & online)
Ulster Museum: Saturday 19 March (in person)
PRONI: Sunday 20 March (online)
IMMA: Wednesday 23 March (in person)
Butler Gallery: Thursday 24 March (online)
IMMA: Friday 25 March (in person)
National Gallery of Ireland: Saturday 26 March (in person & online)
Butler Gallery: Sunday 27 March (online)
IMMA: Wednesday 30 March (in person)
Little Museum of Dublin: Thursday 31 March (online)
Hugh Lane Gallery: Friday 1 April and Saturday 2 April (in person)
National Museum of Ireland – Country Life Sunday 3 April (in person & online)
National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History: Sunday 3 April (in person)
IMMA: Monday 4 April (podcast release)
National Library of Ireland: Monday 4 April (online)
EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum: Tuesday 5 April (online)
Chester Beatty: Wednesday 6 April (online)
National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History: Thursday 7 April (online)
Crawford Art Gallery: Friday 8 April (online)
Museum of Free Derry: Saturday 9 April (in person)
Butler Gallery: Sunday 10 April (online)
Notes to Editor:
About OUTing the Past:
OUTing the Past: The International Festivals of Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Trans History is an international celebration that comprises of events throughout the year and around the world, and a conference and gathering for academics and activists once a year in February, March and April. Find out more at

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