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Traveller culture, crafts and traditions

A barrel-top wagon on display outside the NMI - Country Life for the Travellers' Journey/Minceir Misl’d temporary exhibition

Explore a selection of material related to the culture, traditions and crafts of the Traveller community in Ireland.

Museum staff, working in partnership with Traveller community representatives and others, have worked on special projects and initiatives to make Traveller community history and heritage better known. It is a critical value of the National Museum of Ireland that its collections are reflective of all of the people of Ireland and our shared experiences. It is also crucial to our values as an organisation that the Traveller community, a community that is marginalised, is consulted and engaged in the development of Museum exhibitions and programmes exploring their culture. The Museum continues to seek additional objects for this collection.

Irish Travellers, or Mincéirí, have a shared history, culture and language. They are a distinct ethnic minority group, as well as being a part of Irish society for centuries. The distinct ethnicity of Travellers was officially recognised in Ireland on 1 March 2017.

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