'Land Of Legend'

Posters from 1953-1959


Ireland Invites You. Issued by Fógra Fáilte. The National Tourist Publicity Organisation

Signed Melai. 1953. This organisation was the precursor of Bord Fáilte Éireann (the Irish Tourist Board). The empty strap-line allowed different company logos and slogans to be inserted. The scene is pure Aran Islands and reminiscent of a famous John Hinde postcard.


Map of Ireland Showing Places of Note and Interest. British Railways in co-operation with Bord Fáilte Éireann

David William Burley. 1955. This is a large ‘quad royal’ poster. This is the ultimate in use of tourism stereotype – apart from Portarlington turf burning station! It conveys so much that the detail is hard to appreciate however. Similar pictorial poster maps also were issued by British Railways for some British regions.


Land of Legend. Ireland is waiting to welcome you. Issued by Fógra Fáilte. The National Tourist Publicity Organisation

Signed Brandt. c.1955. Probably Muriel Brandt (1909-81) of Belfast who was a well known landscape artist and watercolourist. Another state-sponsored commission of hers was the design of a postage stamp to mark the official declaration of the Republic of Ireland in 1949.


Dublin by CIE Rail and Motor Coach Tours

The scene is Dublin Castle. This is an unusual poster for CIÉ in that none of its vehicles are present. With the Garda (Irish policeman) being so prominent, the aim may have been to reassure tourists that the rule of law prevailed. Gardaí in Dublin and Cork cities wore such ‘step’ helmets until c.1955.


Northern Ireland. British Railways

Daphne Padden. c.1956. This poster seeks to convey far too much and the effect is a diminished message. Within the shamrock’s leaflets are the much marketed northern attractions of the mountains of Mourne, Carrickfergus and the Giant’s Causeway. The appeal of the caricature of Cú Chulainn, the mythological warrior associated with Ulster, is hard to understand.


Shannon. Gateway to Ireland. Irish Airlines

Piet Sluis. 1959. A very cluttered poster from the end of the art-poster era. By now the Shannon duty-free shop is as important as the famous tourist destinations which appear.