Wicked Weaving

Learn how clothing was made in the past. From raw wool, to carding, spinning, dyeing and finally weaving the cloth. Try your hand at weaving and see what you can make!


Tour at a glance

Level                1st to 6th Class
Group Size      15
Location          Activity Room 
Duration          60 min
Times              10-11am  11.30-12.30pm

Curriculum Links


Working as an Historian
Time & chronology
Change & continuity
Life, society, work, and culture in the past
Life in the 19th Century
Continuity & change

Visual Arts

An awareness of colour, tone, texture, pattern & rhythm
Fabric & fibre
Creating in fabric and fibre
Looking & responding

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the process of weaving and its associated vocabulary
    See and feel different materials made from wool, as well as wool in its raw state
    Try carding and spinning on a drop spindle
  • Try weaving on a card loom
    Complete a weaving peg bracelet to take home
  • See what other students made, and share the new information they learned with their class and their teachers.