12th & 13th Mar: Zany Circus / An Sorcas Craiceáilte

Circuses have a long history of entertaining in Ireland. Come learn some traditional circus skills in this bilingual workshop with professional Circus Skills Performer, Stephen McGinley.

At a Glance 

Level:  1st to 6th Class
Group size: 30
Location: Marquee Museum grounds
Duration: 1hr 

Curriculum Links

SESE: Arts, Gaeilge, Science, History

Learning Outcomes

  • Accomplishment of a number of skills designed to be attainable by every participant regardless of ability.
  • All participants are left with a sense of inclusion and accomplishment.
  • Juggling and other circus skills often appeal to children who have difficulty achieving in other areas.
  • Designed to be as fun and as inclusive as possible.