Housing in the Last 100 Years

Learn how people built their homes long ago and what materials they used. What was it like to live in a thatch cottage? Compare the houses of the rich and the poor. Which one would you choose to live in?

Wonderful linkage between the activities and the exhibitions in the Museum.

Derrywash NS

Tour at a glance

Level   All Levels
Group size   15
Location  Grounds (House Building Project), Turlough Park House, Museum Galleries (Level B Housing)Duration  1hr

Curriculum Links


  • Working as an Historian/ Life, society, work and culture in the past/ Continuity & change over time


  • Human Environments, settlement homes & other buildings
  • Buildings, sites or ruins in my locality

Learning Outcomes

  • The aim of this workshop is to discuss different types of housing looking at methods, styles & structures of housing through guided exploration. 

Teaching Methods

  • Questioning
  • Transmission
  • Hands on Discovery

 Resources & Suggestions

Pre-visit: Study of the Natural & Built Environment

Post-visit: Further investigation of vernacular buildings
in their own locality