Memories of a bygone era

Remembering the old stoneware hot water jar

As I left the Museum of Country Life on Tuesday last, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit sad – sad for a bygone era, a way of life all but gone. And sad thinking of the people who have been here before us. People who worked so hard during hard and difficult times, to provide for, and make things better for their families.

Stoneware hot water jar, Clonfinlough, Co. Offaly

However, many of the objects I saw brought back happy memories.  I will never forget as a child rolling over in bed during the night in my grandmother’s house onto the old stoneware hot water bottle, or ‘jar’ as she called it. Nor having to use the chamber pot kept under the bed before there was a bathroom in the house. And toast never tasted so good as it did when made with the toasting fork. 

I remember using a mangle to wring out the clothes – this to us as children was only a bit of fun, a novelty. Although to granny it must have been hard work trying to wash the clothes; wring them through the mangle while trying to keep small hands from going through it with the clothes!!!

There are so many more memories and it’s great to have the Museum of Country Life to keep these memories alive, lest they be forgotten. Keep up the good work.

Carol, Co. Monaghan