On Sight 2016

This year the theme for On Sight 2016 is '1916' - with a focus on daily life and drawing on the Museum's collections for inspiration.

The On Sight art trail takes place annually at the National Museum of Ireland – Country Life, Turlough Park, Castlebar, Co. Mayo.  It is a Summer art trail encouraging visitors to explore the themes of the Museum through outdoor art works. The artworks are created by Arts Squad community artists and indenpendent artists specifically for the museum grounds and are inspired by the collections.

 The Art Trail is launched at the weekend of Féile na Tuaithe, May 21-22, 2016. 

On Sight 2016 Art Trail Guide.

Artists participating in On Sight 2016

Artsquad for On Sight 2016 - Back, left to right, Aisling Flynn, Mick Smyth, Andreas König, Christine Kelly, Paul O'Driscoll, David McInerney, Christina Peterson, Brendan Timlin. Front, left to right, Julianne Hennelly, Saw Tun, Henri Hedou, Mary Henning.

Mayo Artsquad

Established in 1997, Mayo County Council's Arts Squad works extensively on festivals, provides workshops and is involved with many community based projects. The members have also produced an extensive body of artistic work.

Aisling Flynn - 'Cathair' - is informed by the manner of the execution of James Connolly in May 1916.

Henri Hedou -'Barricade'- is inspired by the warfare tactics of the 1916 Easter Rising.

Christine Kelly - 'Symbols from Antiquity' - is inspired by an 8th Century ring brooch worn by Volunteers during the 1916 Rising.

Brid Kivneen - 'Women of Ireland' is based on the symbol worn by Cumann na mBan (League of Women) and is a response their quest for liberty and equality

David McInerney - 'Juxtaposition '-  relates the past and the present through the medium of photo montage.

Christina Peterson -'Easter Tulip' - offers reflection on the colours and tears of Easter 1916.

Brendan Timlin -'What was found in the GPO after the Easter Rising' - uses objects to reflect on the material reality of the 1916 Rising.

Saw Tun -'Universal Aspirations' - creates a symbol representing the desire to survive and seek freedom that transends the Irish historic experience. 

Independent artists

Aidan Crotty

- ‘It’s time to take a long hard look at ourselves’

Originally from Waterford and having studied in Cork, Aidan is now based in County Sligo. He has exhibited extensively across Ireland with works held in private and public collections and was shortlisted for the 2015 Hennessy Portrait prize.

Now is the ideal time, 100 years after the rising, to re-appraise ourselves in the context of the social equality and freedom striven for in 1916, Aidan’s proposal will enable a viewer to take this long hard look.

Joanna Hopkins

- ‘Kathleen Lynn’

Also located in Mayo, Joanna’s proposal for On Sight 2016 references Mayo born Dr. Kathleen Lynn. Utilising research carried out with Dr. Lynn’s diaries, Joanna intends to create a ‘vibrant and colourful tribute’ that will raise the profile of Dr. Lynn and pay homage to her life’s work.

Dominic Lloyd

- ‘Field of dreams’

Based in north Mayo, Dominic works as a print-maker with pieces in public galleries and private collections. He hopes that his piece for On Sight 2016 will ‘amuse and charm’ but also spark ideas of place, of opportunities and of connection to the landscape.

Katie Moore

- ‘Where they see beauty, we see necessity’

Based in Mayo, Katie’s artistic practice includes textile, stitching, drawing and video. Her work comes from a feeling of ‘being compelled to make it, giving the topic a voice, telling a story, an act of memory’. Her work for On Sight 2016 will blend the contemporary with a reflection on the 100 years since 1916.

Conor O’Grady

- ‘Walking after midnight 1916 (Serious about Men)’

Conor’s artistic practice has an emphasis on the multiple, participation, large scale works that reflect on society. Political and social engagement forms a major part of his work. His proposal for Onsight 2016 is a response to ‘a palpable sense of anomie’ amongst young people in 1916 and 100 years later with a particular focus on the lives of contemporary young Irish men.

Further Information

Rosa Meehan, National Museum of Ireland – Country Life. 094 903 1756; rmeehan@museum.ie
Mick Smyth, Mayo Arts Squad: 087 2582131