Visitor Vox Pops

Watch what visitors are saying about their visit to the National Museum of Ireland - Natural History...

"We're here today to draw different animals, get used to different aspects, different forms. The variety is pretty cool, wolves are my favourite..."

"It's lovely, there's so much to see and the children just run around and pick what they fancy.. they don't get to see these things, so its nice for them to walk around and see everything..."

"I came to the Museum today as one of the major stops on our holiday...I really like that a place like this exists... It's important that the public is made aware of the various animals that are in existence on this earth..."

"My background is wildlife science and science illustration and so this is like a mecca for me in terms of viewing a very old style of displaying specimens and it's just completely fascinating to see this..." 

"I brought them here because they're my grandchildren and it's their first time here in Dublin, and I thought this would be very interesting for them to see..."

"We heard a lot about this museum as a distinct place of interest and we were very excited, this is very informative..."