What's In Store?

Explore Museum collections normally kept in storage. Includes Asian lacquer, jade & enamel, Irish scientific instruments & ceramics, as well as Roman, Persian and Art Nouveau glass.

The entire reserve collections of glass, Asian applied arts, silver and metalwork are shown, including material from Ireland, Britain, Europe, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Burma, China, Japan and Tibet.

The Asian collection includes such material as lacquer, jade, ivory, enamel, statuary, painting and metalwork and can be seen in the second and third sections of the store.

The Ceramics collection is shown within the second section of the store. Important Irish material such as 18th century delftware, Belleek, Frederick Vodrey, Queen’s Institute, Carrigaline and contemporary ceramic art has been included, in association with Italian and Spanish maiolica, Japanese porcelain, Chinese blanc-de-chine, Wedgwood, German stoneware, French faience, Islamic pottery and Dutch delftware.

The Glass Collection includes Roman, Persian, Indian, Venetian and Art Nouveau objects beside the internationally acclaimed collection of 18th and 19th-Century Irish glass from Dublin, Cork, Belfast and Waterford.

Important scientific instruments, ranging in date from the 17th to the 20th centuries, together with the Museum’s collection of watches, the bulk of which dates to the period 1750-1850. Combined with the collections of Sheffield plate, electrotypes, pewter, brass, bronze, silver and jewellery, these can be seen in the fourth section of the store.