Textile Studio

Discover how the Textile Studio treats textile objects and materials ranging from archaeological textiles to contemporary fashions.

Daoist robe mounted for exhibition

The textile studio is responsible for the treatment of the textile objects in the Art & Industry division, the Irish Folklife division and the Irish Antiquities division. This material ranges from archaeological textiles to contemporary fashions.

Support mount for a purse

The conservation work involves examination, in order to assess the condition of the object. The remedial treatment that follows is aimed at stabilising the condition of the object in order to extend its useful life. Typical treatments include cleaning, stitch or adhesive supports and mounting items for display. Frequently, analysis of objects is undertaken in order to correctly identify fibres, dyes and associated decoration. 

Mounting an Aran knit for exhibition

Preventive conservation work involves ensuring that collections are stored in clean and stable environments. This includes controlling and monitoring the temperature and relative humidity, and ensuring that insect pests do not gain access to the collections.