County Louth, Clogherhead - Plan, section, side elevation, front elevation, detail of window at X, detail of door at Y.

Drawn and measured by  by P. Almond, C. Flanagan and D. Daly in 1944. 

Clogherhead, Co. Louth (N.M.I. Collection - F:2006.136)

Wove paper, pencil, black drawing ink. Height 494mm, Width 736mm.

Drawings of seagulls, shells and light clouds convey a sense of a sunny day by the sea to this survey.  Two semi-detached coastal houses are shown.  Each house consists of just one room.  One remains a dwelling while the other has been converted into an outhouse.  The drawings of the window and door show that found or unhewn wood was used in their construction. The furniture in the house includes a bed, dresser, table and seating arranged around the walls. The furniture arrangement creates separate spaces for sleeping, food preparation and storage within the single room dwelling.

Clogherhead, Co. Louth (N.M.I. Collection - F:2006.136)