County Louth, Clogherhead, Callystown - Plan, section and front elevation of a house

Measured and drawn by L.C. Peppard, B. Arch NUI A.R.I. B. A., M. Burke, L. White, B. Tobias in 1944.

Clogherhead, Co. Louth (N.M.I. Collection - F:2006.142)

Watercolour paper, black and red ink, pencil, watercolour. Height 507mm, Width 745mm.

Notable features of this house include the raised grate fireplace and built in bread-oven. Built-in ovens are more commonly recorded from the south east of the country. Raised grates were more usually found where coal was used. The drawing also includes a datum line, which is the horizontal string used by the surveyors to measure the height and levels of the house. The inclusion of the datum line highlights the slope of the house. The unusual arrangement of the compartments of this house includes access from one living room to the other living room through two bedrooms. Also of note are the different sizes of the four windows. The colour of the wash on the house exterior is also a distinctive shade of yellow.